Get a Leg Up on Fundraising

Turkey Legs on Barbeque Grill

Fundraising has become a vital part of funding organizations in need, and with good reason. There are many benefits that go beyond just money raised. Individuals of an organization feel more like a team when they work together on a fundraising goal, which increases morale and makes an organization better. Fundraising is an excellent way to bring awareness to your group in your community.  Added exposure helps build your network by creating new connections. Fundraising is a great tool for marketing that’s considerably more effective than simply leaving a flyer on a doorknob. 

Numerous groups rely on fundraisers to help meet their financial goals, including churches, schools, sports teams, clubs, and community groups. Whether it’s trying to help others, expanding your church, or buying supplies for schools, or equipment for your team, it may seem that there’s never quite enough money for your organization. 

For the longest time, traditional fundraisers, such as bake sales, car washes, donation buckets, and coupon books, have been just a few of the methods many groups have used to raise money. However, there’s a more economical, safer, and easier way to fundraise that you probably haven’t thought about – smoked turkey legs.

One of the biggest benefits of smoked turkey legs as a fundraiser is that their popularity is undeniable! Turkey legs are a classic treat at state fairs, carnivals and amusement parks, yet people want them throughout every season! Meat By The Case Meat Market offers a year-round turkey leg fundraiser program called RAISE FUNDS WITH TURKEY DRUMS to give groups an opportunity to benefit from that popularity and raise money any time of the year. 


Turkey legs are more economical than most other fundraiser products. Meat By The Case Meat Market (MBC) offers smoked turkey legs at a price that will mean lower costs and more money for your goals, so you could see more funds raised with less products than from other fundraisers. 


It’s also safer because children from your teams or clubs won’t need to stand on busy street corners or walk door-to-door to sell or take orders. Meat By The Case Meat Market can help your organization or school create a fundraiser to reach your goal with greater safety in mind.


It’s easier because you won’t have to do large amounts of preparation or transportation to make it happen. Pre-orders and sales can be made easily by creating a social media page for your fundraiser or event, simple emails, and setting a few known contacts goals, just to name a few ideas. 

The RAISE FUNDS WITH TURKEY DRUMS fundraiser process is simple.

  1. Set your fundraising goal.
  2. Order the smoked turkey legs you need based on your pre-orders or desired sales during your event.
  3. Collect your payment, then put the money you raised toward your goal!

The choices don’t stop at turkey legs. If you’re looking for something else for your audience, Meat By The Case Meat Market also offers hot dogs, sausage-on-a-stick, chicken, and Philadelphia Water Ice (a summertime favorite), as fundraiser items. 

Just give us a call at 817-482-6221 to help you figure out how to make your fundraiser do what it’s intended to do – raise funds!


  • Make sure you have a clear purpose and goal for your fundraiser. You’re going to get more attention with a specific goal and knowing how or who it helps than you will with a general fundraiser. 
  • Don’t overcomplicate the fundraiser with unnecessary event add-ons. If you go too big or too complicated, you run the risk of overspending, which could eat away at your funds raised. Watch your event expenses and keep your budget in line. 
  • Update participants when your goal is reached. Let them know how the funds will be spent. People are likely to contribute again if they know you appreciate their purchases and donations, and if they know how their contribution helped in a tangible way.